AAH1 | GeneID:855581 | Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Gene Summary

[ - ] NCBI Entrez Gene

Gene ID 855581 Official Symbol AAH1
Locus YNL141W Gene Type protein-coding
Full Name N/A
Description Aah1p
Chromosome N/A
Also Known As Adenine deaminase (adenine aminohydrolase), involved in purine salvage and nitrogen catabolism
Summary N/A

Orthologs and Paralogs

[ - ] Homologs - NCBI's HomoloGene Group: 37249

ID Symbol Protein Species
GeneID:100 ADA NP_000013.2 Homo sapiens
GeneID:11486 Ada NP_031424.1 Mus musculus
GeneID:24165 Ada NP_569083.1 Rattus norvegicus
GeneID:177469 C06G3.5 NP_501087.1 Caenorhabditis elegans
GeneID:280712 ADA NP_776312.1 Bos taurus
GeneID:419194 ADA NP_001006290.1 Gallus gallus
GeneID:436919 ada NP_001002646.1 Danio rerio
GeneID:477236 ADA XP_534428.2 Canis lupus familiaris
GeneID:741760 ADA XP_001144517.1 Pan troglodytes
GeneID:810446 PF10_0289 XP_001347573.1 Plasmodium falciparum
GeneID:855581 AAH1 NP_014258.1 Saccharomyces cerevisiae
GeneID:2540066 dea2 NP_595071.1 Schizosaccharomyces pombe
GeneID:2894386 KLLA0E23254g XP_454997.1 Kluyveromyces lactis

Gene Classification

[ - ] Gene Ontology

IDCategoryGO Term
GO:0005737 Component cytoplasm
GO:0005634 Component nucleus
GO:0000034 Function adenine deaminase activity
GO:0004000 Function adenosine deaminase activity
GO:0019239 Function deaminase activity
GO:0016787 Function hydrolase activity
GO:0006146 Process adenine catabolic process
GO:0043103 Process hypoxanthine salvage
GO:0009117 Process nucleotide metabolic process
GO:0009168 Process purine ribonucleoside monophosphate biosynthetic process
GO:0043101 Process purine salvage

Protein Sequences

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CAA86885   CAA96024   CAN08429   NP_014258   P53909   S55143  

Gene Interactions

[ - ] BioGRID Gene Product Interaction Database

Symbol Interaction Binary Experiment Source
AAH1 AAH1 / AAH1 Affinity Capture-MS Krogan NJ (2004)
ADE4 ADE4 / AAH1 Phenotypic Enhancement Jakubowski H (1988)
APT1 APT1 / AAH1 Phenotypic Enhancement Jakubowski H (1988)
ESA1 ESA1 / AAH1 Synthetic Growth Defect Mitchell L (2008)
GEM1 GEM1 / AAH1 Synthetic Growth Defect Frederick RL (2008)
LIA1 LIA1 / AAH1 Synthetic Lethality Tong AH (2004)
N/A N/A / AAH1 Affinity Capture-MS Collins SR (2007)
N/A N/A / AAH1 Affinity Capture-MS Ho Y (2002)
N/A N/A / AAH1 Two-hybrid Escusa S (2007)
SKP1 SKP1 / AAH1 Synthetic Growth Defect Measday V (2005)
VID21 VID21 / AAH1 Synthetic Growth Defect Mitchell L (2008)

Selected Publications

[ - ] Gene-related publications indexed at PubMed

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