ADI1 | GeneID:855021 | Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Gene Summary

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Gene ID 855021 Official Symbol ADI1
Locus YMR009W Gene Type protein-coding
Full Name N/A
Description Acireductone dioxygenease involved in the methionine salvage pathway; ortholog of human MTCBP-1; transcribed with YMR010W and regulated post-transcriptionally by RNase III (Rnt1p) cleavage; ADI1 mRNA is induced in heat shock conditions
Chromosome N/A
Also Known As Adi1p
Summary N/A

Orthologs and Paralogs

[ - ] Homologs - NCBI's HomoloGene Group: 74768

ID Symbol Protein Species
GeneID:855021 ADI1 NP_013722.1 Saccharomyces cerevisiae
GeneID:2541231 SPBC887.01 NP_596475.1 Schizosaccharomyces pombe
GeneID:2684598 MGG_06443 XP_369928.1 Magnaporthe grisea
GeneID:2704025 NCU00147.1 XP_322233.1 Neurospora crassa
GeneID:2893566 KLLA0D14487g XP_453704.1 Kluyveromyces lactis
GeneID:4620373 AGOS_ADR021W NP_984117.1 Eremothecium gossypii

Gene Classification

[ - ] Gene Ontology

IDCategoryGO Term
GO:0005737 Component cytoplasm
GO:0016020 Component membrane
GO:0005634 Component nucleus
GO:0005886 Component plasma membrane
GO:0051213 Function dioxygenase activity
GO:0046872 Function metal ion binding
GO:0016151 Function nickel ion binding
GO:0016491 Function oxidoreductase activity
GO:0016702 Function oxidoreductase activity, acting on single donors with incorporation of molecular oxygen, incorporation of two atoms of oxygen
GO:0008652 Process cellular amino acid biosynthetic process
GO:0009086 Process methionine biosynthetic process
GO:0019509 Process methionine salvage
GO:0055114 Process oxidation reduction

Protein Sequences

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AAS56910   CAA88525   NP_013722   Q03677   S53039  

Gene Interactions

[ - ] BioGRID Gene Product Interaction Database

Symbol Interaction Binary Experiment Source
SNP1 SNP1 / ADI1 Two-hybrid Fromont-Racine M (1997)

Selected Publications

[ - ] Gene-related publications indexed at PubMed

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  2. [ + ] Hirano W, et al. (2005) "Membrane-type 1 matrix metalloproteinase cytoplasmic tail binding protein-1 (MTCBP-1) acts as an eukaryotic aci-reductone dioxygenase (ARD) in the methionine salvage pathway." Genes Cells. 10(6):565-574. PMID:15938715
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