Abcb11 | GeneID:83569 | Rattus norvegicus

Gene Summary

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Gene ID 83569 Official Symbol Abcb11
Locus N/A Gene Type protein-coding
Synonyms Bsep; Spgp
Full Name ATP-binding cassette, sub-family B (MDR/TAP), member 11
Description ATP-binding cassette, sub-family B (MDR/TAP), member 11
Chromosome N/A
Also Known As bile salt export pump; sister of P-glycoprotein
Summary acts as an ATP-dependent bile salt export pump; transports taurochenodeoxycholate, taurocholate, and other bile salts [RGD]

Gene Classification

[ - ] Gene Ontology

IDCategoryGO Term
GO:0045177 Component apical part of cell
GO:0016324 Component apical plasma membrane
GO:0005794 Component Golgi apparatus
GO:0000139 Component Golgi membrane
GO:0016021 Component integral to membrane
GO:0046581 Component intercellular canaliculus
GO:0016020 Component membrane
GO:0005624 Component membrane fraction
GO:0005886 Component plasma membrane
GO:0016887 Function ATPase activity
GO:0042626 Function ATPase activity, coupled to transmembrane movement of substances
GO:0005524 Function ATP binding
GO:0015126 Function canalicular bile acid transmembrane transporter activity
GO:0015238 Function drug transporter activity
GO:0000166 Function nucleotide binding
GO:0005515 Function protein binding
GO:0015722 Process canalicular bile acid transport
GO:0046618 Process drug export
GO:0042493 Process response to drug
GO:0043627 Process response to estrogen stimulus
GO:0006979 Process response to oxidative stress
GO:0006810 Process transport

RefSeq Isoforms

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No. RefSeq RNA RefSeq Protein UniProt Equivalent
1 NM_031760  UCSC Browser NP_113948
2 XM_579531  UCSC Browser XP_579531

Transcript Sequences

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Protein Sequences

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Selected Publications

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