alg5 | GeneID:2541053 | Schizosaccharomyces pombe

Gene Summary

[ - ] NCBI Entrez Gene

Gene ID 2541053 Official Symbol alg5
Locus SPBC56F2.10c Gene Type protein-coding
Full Name N/A
Description dolichyl-phosphate beta-glucosyltransferase Alg5 (predicted)
Chromosome N/A
Also Known As
Summary N/A

Orthologs and Paralogs

[ - ] Homologs - NCBI's HomoloGene Group: 7060

ID Symbol Protein Species
GeneID:29880 ALG5 NP_037470.1 Homo sapiens
GeneID:34134 CG7870 NP_609202.1 Drosophila melanogaster
GeneID:66248 Alg5 NP_079718.1 Mus musculus
GeneID:178822 H43I07.3 NP_741523.1 Caenorhabditis elegans
GeneID:295051 Alg5 NP_001020578.1 Rattus norvegicus
GeneID:418898 ALG5 XP_417093.2 Gallus gallus
GeneID:452541 ALG5 XP_001144830.1 Pan troglodytes
GeneID:477301 ALG5 XP_534493.2 Canis lupus familiaris
GeneID:506566 ALG5 NP_001039408.1 Bos taurus
GeneID:751635 alg5 NP_001038819.1 Danio rerio
GeneID:818546 AT2G39630 NP_181493.1 Arabidopsis thaliana
GeneID:855874 ALG5 NP_015097.1 Saccharomyces cerevisiae
GeneID:1277672 AgaP_AGAP008315 XP_317151.2 Anopheles gambiae
GeneID:2541053 alg5 NP_596707.1 Schizosaccharomyces pombe
GeneID:2684261 MGG_06137 XP_369327.1 Magnaporthe grisea
GeneID:2708143 NCU06386.1 XP_326241.1 Neurospora crassa
GeneID:2892613 KLLA0C16071g XP_452918.1 Kluyveromyces lactis
GeneID:4334604 Os03g0821800 NP_001051729.1 Oryza sativa
GeneID:4621644 AGOS_AFL133C NP_985417.1 Eremothecium gossypii

Gene Classification

[ - ] Gene Ontology

IDCategoryGO Term
GO:0005783 Component endoplasmic reticulum
GO:0005789 Component endoplasmic reticulum membrane
GO:0016021 Component integral to membrane
GO:0004581 Function dolichyl-phosphate beta-glucosyltransferase activity
GO:0006487 Process protein amino acid N-linked glycosylation

RefSeq Isoforms

[ - ] RefSeq Annotation and UniProt Database

No. RefSeq RNA RefSeq Protein UniProt Equivalent
1 NM_001022632 NP_596707

Transcript Sequences

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Protein Sequences

[ - ] Protein Accession Number Cloud [ GenPept ]

CAA18889   NP_596707   O60061   T40534  

Selected Publications

[ - ] Gene-related publications indexed at PubMed

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