Saccharomyces cerevisiae Genes

Genes from Saccharomyces cerevisiae - Page 1

GeneID Symbol Synonyms Chromosome Description
855078 AAC1 Aac1p
852380 AAC3 ANC3 Aac3p
853620 AAD10 Aad10p
855385 AAD14 Aad14p
853999 AAD15 Aad15p
850487 AAD16 Aad16p
850471 AAD3 Aad3p
851354 AAD4 Aad4p
850488 AAD6 Aad6p
855581 AAH1 Aah1p
856443 AAP1 AAP1' Aap1p
852205 AAR2 Aar2p
853755 AAT1 Aat1p
850714 AAT2 ASP5 Aat2p
852758 ABC1 COQ8 Abc1p
852538 ABD1 Abd1p
853748 ABF1 BAF1, OBF1, REB2, SBF1 Abf1p
855094 ABF2 Abf2p
853572 ABM1 Abm1p
850450 ABP1 Abp1p
854414 ABP140 YOR240W Abp140p
855768 ABZ1 Abz1p
855333 ABZ2 Abz2p
856769 ACA1 Aca1p
852925 ACB1 Acb1p
855750 ACC1 ABP2, FAS3, MTR7 Acc1p
850822 ACE2 Ace2p
850836 ACF2 ENG2, PCA1 Acf2p
853545 ACF4 Acf4p
852266 ACH1 Acetyl-coA hydrolase, primarily localized to mitochondria; phosphorylated; required for acetate utilization and for diploid pseudohyphal growth
851324 ACK1 Ack1p
855861 ACM1 Acm1p
852123 ACN9 Acn9p
851013 ACO1 GLU1 Aco1p
853230 ACO2 Aco2p
853642 ACP1 Acp1p
851245 ACS1 FUN44 Acetyl-coA synthetase isoform which, along with Acs2p, is the nuclear source of acetyl-coA for histone acetlyation; expressed during growth on nonfermentable carbon sources and under aerobic conditions
850846 ACS2 Acetyl-coA synthetase isoform which, along with Acs1p, is the nuclear source of acetyl-coA for histone acetylation; mutants affect global transcription; required for growth on glucose; expressed under anaerobic conditions
850504 ACT1 ABY1, END7 Act1p
852059 ADA2 SWI8 Ada2p
855222 ADD37 Add37p
853629 ADD66 PBA2, POC2 Add66p
851272 ADE1 Ade1p
855501 ADE12 BRA9 Ade12p
851073 ADE13 BRA1, BRA8 Ade13p
850715 ADE16 Ade16p
855149 ADE17 Ade17p
854295 ADE2 Ade2p
853118 ADE3 Ade3p
855346 ADE4 Ade4p
852617 ADE5,7 Ade5,7p
852952 ADE6 Ade6p
852017 ADE8 Ade8p
854068 ADH1 ADC1 Adh1p
855349 ADH2 ADR2 Adh2p
855107 ADH3 Adh3p
852636 ADH4 NRC465, ZRG5 Adh4p
852442 ADH5 Adh5p
855368 ADH6 ADHVI Adh6p
850469 ADH7 ADHVII Adh7p
855021 ADI1 Acireductone dioxygenease involved in the methionine salvage pathway; ortholog of human MTCBP-1; transcribed with YMR010W and regulated post-transcriptionally by RNase III (Rnt1p) cleavage; ADI1 mRNA is induced in heat shock conditions
851812 ADK1 AKY1, AKY2 Adenylate kinase, required for purine metabolism; localized to the cytoplasm and the mitochondria; lacks cleavable signal sequence
856917 ADK2 AKY3, PAK3 Adk2p
853569 ADO1 Adenosine kinase, required for the utilization of S-adenosylmethionine (AdoMet); may be involved in recycling adenosine produced through the methyl cycle
850369 ADP1 Adp1p
851802 ADR1 Adr1p
850368 ADY2 ATO1 Acetate transporter required for normal sporulation; phosphorylated in mitochondria
851359 ADY3 Ady3p
850924 ADY4 Ady4p
855086 AEP1 NCA1 Aep1p
855325 AEP2 ATP13 Aep2p
856102 AEP3 Aep3p
856658 AFG1 Afg1p
851113 AFG2 DRG1 ATPase of the CDC48/PAS1/SEC18 (AAA) family, forms a hexameric complex; may be involved in degradation of aberrant mRNAs
856737 AFG3 YTA10 Afg3p
851658 AFR1 Afr1p
852809 AFT1 RCS1 Aft1p
855899 AFT2 Aft2p
855780 AGA1 Aga1p
852851 AGA2 Adhesion subunit of a-agglutinin of a-cells, C-terminal sequence acts as a ligand for alpha-agglutinin (Sag1p) during agglutination, modified with O-linked oligomannosyl chains, linked to anchorage subunit Aga1p via two disulfide bonds
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