Rattus norvegicus Genes

Genes from Rattus norvegicus - Page 95

GeneID Symbol Synonyms Chromosome Description
360997 LOC360997 MGC112634 14p22 similar to ATP-binding cassette, sub-family G (WHITE), member 3
360998 LOC360998 hypothetical LOC360998
361016 LOC361016 MGC116196 15p14 similar to RIKEN cDNA 4933406L09
361041 LOC361041 15p13 similar to hypothetical protein
361098 LOC361098 similar to SGT1 protein homolog (Ecdysoneless homolog)
361100 LOC361100 similar to topoisomerase (DNA) II beta
361117 LOC361117 1q54 similar to Rb1-inducible coiled coil protein 1
361128 LOC361128 MGC112689 16p14 similar to TR4 orphan receptor associated protein TRA16
361187 LOC361187 MGC114420 similar to ankyrin repeat and SOCs box-containing protein 5
361188 LOC361188 similar to WD repeat domain 17
361335 LOC361335 18q12.1 hypothetical protein LOC361335
361346 LOC361346 18q12.1 similar to chromosome 18 open reading frame 54
361635 LOC361635 1q35 similar to RIKEN cDNA 9030624J02
361646 LOC361646 RGD1307324 1q36 similar to K04F10.2
361776 LOC361776 1q55 LOC361776
361780 LOC361780 similar to CG3295-PA
361781 LOC361781 similar to helicase, lymphoid specific
361914 LOC361914 2q23 similar to solute carrier family 7 (cationic amino acid transporter, y+ system), member 12
361985 LOC361985 MGC112629, MGC124898 2q34 similar to NICE-3
361990 LOC361990 2q34 similar to DKFZP547E1010 protein
362347 LOC362347 Prss3 4q22 similar to protease, serine, 3 (mesotrypsin)
362419 LOC362419 4q42 similar to CG33331-PA
362464 LOC362464 4q44 similar to aryl hydrocarbon receptor nuclear translocator-like 2
362526 LOC362526 MGC109221 5q24 hypothetical protein LOC362526
362665 LOC362665 MGC114278 5q36 similar to KIAA0833 protein
362682 LOC362682 similar to Ligand of Numb-protein X 2 (Numb-binding protein 2)
362710 LOC362710 6q14 hypothetical LOC362710
362758 LOC362758 6q24 similar to peptidylprolyl isomerase (cyclophilin)-like 2
362855 LOC362855 7q13 P55
362863 LOC362863 Gnn, MGC72977 7q13 first gene upstream of Nt5dc3
362901 LOC362901 7q22 Ac1254
362921 LOC362921 7q33 Ac2-224
363010 LOC363010 similar to Cytochrome P450 2C7 (CYPIIC7) (P450F) (PTF1)
363060 LOC363060 8q23 similar to RIKEN cDNA 1600029D21
363181 LOC363181 9q11 similar to RIKEN cDNA 1700001E04
363188 LOC363188 9q12 similar to ubiquitin protein ligase E3 component n-recognin 2
363267 LOC363267 MGC108965 9q34 hypothetical protein LOC363267
363301 LOC363301 hypothetical LOC363301
363306 LOC363306 hypothetical protein LOC363306
363313 LOC363313 hypothetical LOC363313
363314 LOC363314 19q11 similar to Myosin-9B (Myosin IXb) (Unconventional myosin-9b)
363320 LOC363320 similar to Discs large homolog 5 (Placenta and prostate DLG) (Discs large protein P-dlg)
363324 LOC363324 similar to spermatogenesis associated glutamate (E)-rich protein 4d
363326 LOC363326 hypothetical LOC363326
363336 LOC363336 hypothetical LOC363336
363337 LOC363337 similar to RIKEN cDNA 1700081O22
363343 LOC363343 similar to Discs, large homolog 5 (Placenta and prostate DLG) (Discs large protein P-dlg)
363351 LOC363351 hypothetical LOC363351
363354 LOC363354 hypothetical LOC363354
363363 LOC363363 hypothetical LOC363363
363366 LOC363366 hypothetical LOC363366
363397 LOC363397 similar to RIKEN cDNA 5031410I06
363399 LOC363399 similar to peptidylprolyl isomerase (cyclophilin)-like 2
363405 LOC363405 similar to nidogen 2 protein
363408 LOC363408 similar to RIKEN cDNA 2610042L04
363413 LOC363413 similar to MIC2 like 1
363418 LOC363418 hypothetical gene supported by AY321338
363424 LOC363424 similar to spermatogenesis associated glutamate (E)-rich protein 2
363433 LOC363433 hypothetical LOC363433
363434 LOC363434 similar to Discs large homolog 5 (Placenta and prostate DLG) (Discs large protein P-dlg)
363458 LOC363458 Xq14 similar to procollagen, type IV, alpha 6
363529 LOC363529 10q11 similar to CTP synthase (UTP--ammonia ligase) (CTP synthetase)
363565 LOC363565 10q12 similar to thyroid hormone receptor associated protein 3
363645 LOC363645 10q25 hypothetical LOC363645
363673 LOC363673 10q31 similar to ribosomal protein L21
363679 LOC363679 10q32.1 similar to GLE1 RNA export mediator-like (yeast
363711 LOC363711 similar to Ciliary dynein heavy chain 9 (Axonemal beta dynein heavy chain 9)
363737 LOC363737 11q11 hypothetical LOC363737
363770 LOC363770 11q21 similar to FTZ-F1 beta1 protein
363816 LOC363816 11q23 similar to protein kinase, AMP-activated, alpha 1 catalytic subunit
363827 LOC363827 11q23 similar to productively rearranged V-lambda-2
363832 LOC363832 11q23 similar to Zinc finger protein 74 (hZNF7)
363846 LOC363846 similar to Vacuolar protein sorting 13B (Cohen syndrome protein 1 homolog)
363894 LOC363894 12q12 similar to paired immunoglobin-like type 2 receptor beta
363903 LOC363903 12q12 similar to ribosomal protein S13
363996 LOC363996 13q13 similar to SVH protein
364063 LOC364063 13q26 similar to Elongation factor 1-gamma (EF-1-gamma) (eEF-1B gamma)
364084 LOC364084 similar to MOCO sulphurase C-terminal domain containing 2
364091 LOC364091 14p22 similar to RuvB-like 2 (p47 protein)
364157 LOC364157 14p11 similar to T05C3.2
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