Rattus norvegicus Genes

Genes from Rattus norvegicus - Page 246

GeneID Symbol Synonyms Chromosome Description
313311 RGD1560720 Xq11 RGD1560720
363218 RGD1560722 9q21 similar to hypothetical protein
500448 RGD1560723 5q22 RGD1560723
501127 RGD1560724 9q21 similar to FLJ42986 protein
363806 RGD1560727 11q23 similar to RIKEN cDNA 2700060E02
366411 RGD1560729 5q32 similar to ribosomal protein S24
499408 RGD1560733 20p12 RGD1560733
501716 RGD1560735 10q31 similar to ribosomal protein L28
307026 RGD1560737 17q12.1 similar to elicitor-like mating protein M81
363531 RGD1560740 10q11 similar to 40S ribosomal protein S19
499489 RGD1560741 2q11 similar to hypothetical protein MGC34713
502081 RGD1560742 16p11 similar to LRRGT00049
362780 RGD1560746 6q32 RGD1560746
498557 RGD1560749 15q21 similar to Matrin 3
501517 RGD1560750 Xq12 similar to LRRGT00078
364319 RGD1560752 15p14 similar to T cell receptor
503098 RGD1560753 6q33 similar to monoclonal antibody F23.1 heavy chain variable region
361165 RGD1560755 MGC108996 16q12.4 similar to D8Ertd354e protein
501632 RGD1560756 Xq35 RGD1560756
502075 RGD1560758 16p13 similar to envelope protein
500138 RGD1560760 4q24 similar to LRRGT00173
502168 RGD1560761 18q11 similar to Mitochondrial import inner membrane translocase subunit Tim23
301215 RGD1560763 14p11 similar to cDNA sequence AY358078
503448 RGD1560764 Xq31 similar to LRRGT00004
503203 RGD1560765 8q22 similar to Acyl carrier protein, mitochondrial precursor (ACP)
289281 RGD1560767 13q26 similar to hydroxyproline-rich glycoprotein precursor
499061 RGD1560769 1q12 similar to zinc finger protein 610
498511 RGD1560771 15p13 similar to STELLA
361446 RGD1560772 1p13 similar to putative pheromone receptor
501728 RGD1560773 10q32.1 RGD1560773
501031 RGD1560775 8q31 similar to RIKEN cDNA 4930579C12 gene
499808 RGD1560776 3q22 RGD1560776
502438 RGD1560777 20q11 similar to hypothetical protein MGC67567
316001 RGD1560778 8q32 similar to RIKEN cDNA 6530418L21
503436 RGD1560779 Xq21 similar to Proteasome subunit beta type 6 precursor (Proteasome delta chain)
501622 RGD1560782 Xq35 similar to Ras-related protein Rab-18
363449 RGD1560784 Xq13 similar to RIKEN cDNA B630019K06
501962 RGD1560785 15p14 similar to High mobility group protein 1 (HMG-1)
361960 RGD1560786 2q31 RGD1560786
500628 RGD1560791 6q14 RGD1560791
501530 RGD1560792 Xq13 RGD1560792
315798 RGD1560796 8q24 similar to suppressor of hairy wing homolog 4 isoform 1
306115 RGD1560797 15q21 similar to glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase
501994 RGD1560799 15p13 similar to T-cell receptor alpha chain V region PHDS58 precursor
500932 RGD1560800 7q36 similar to cervical cancer receptor
502910 RGD1560802 4q43 similar to Hypothetical protein CBG08601
501583 RGD1560803 Xq31 RGD1560803
362290 RGD1560804 3q43 similar to 60S ribosomal protein L7a
291269 RGD1560805 17q12.1 similar to isopentenyl diphosphate delta-isomerase type 2
365436 RGD1560807 1q51 similar to RAN, member RAS oncogene family
502273 RGD1560808 1q12 similar to putative protein kinase
291313 RGD1560809 17q12.3 similar to low molecular weight glutenin
502497 RGD1560811 2q12 RGD1560811
500640 RGD1560812 6q16 RGD1560812
498894 RGD1560813 18q13 similar to H2A histone family, member V isoform 1
291550 RGD1560815 18q12.1 similar to acidic ribosomal phosphoprotein P1
499112 RGD1560818 1q21 similar to hypothetical protein FLJ38944
502693 RGD1560820 3q42 similar to S-antigen precursor - malaria parasite (Plasmodium falciparum, strain NF7/Ghana)
367865 RGD1560821 Xq31 similar to small nuclear ribonucleoparticle-associated protein
498393 RGD1560822 14q21 similar to Evc protein
685793 RGD1560825 1q12 similar to putative protein kinase
295423 RGD1560826 2q42 similar to glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase
292493 RGD1560827 1q12 similar to necdin
503022 RGD1560829 6q21 similar to zinc finger protein 277
501073 RGD1560830 8q32 RGD1560830
499803 RGD1560831 3q21 similar to 40S ribosomal protein S3
498318 RGD1560832 14p22 RGD1560832
497850 RGD1560833 10q11 similar to myocardin-related transcription factor B
498007 RGD1560835 10q32.1 RGD1560835
295976 RGD1560837 3q32 RGD1560837
360999 RGD1560841 similar to RIKEN cDNA 5730466H23
299415 RGD1560842 6q33 similar to Brix domain containing 1
499642 RGD1560843 2q32 RGD1560843
502779 RGD1560845 4q24 similar to vomeronasal V1r-type receptor V1rc42
498133 RGD1560846 12p11 similar to hypothetical protein MGC40178
364971 RGD1560848 19q11 similar to Myosin IXb (Unconventional myosin-9b)
499540 RGD1560853 2q16 similar to hypothetical protein D12Ertd771e
499106 RGD1560854 1q21 similar to FLJ41131 protein
317036 RGD1560857 6q24 similar to RIKEN cDNA 2900016D05
498767 RGD1560860 17q12.1 similar to ankyrin repeat domain 26
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