Homo sapiens Genes

Genes from Homo sapiens - Page 289

GeneID Symbol Synonyms Chromosome Description
100129411 LOC100129411 5q14.1 hypothetical LOC100129411
100129413 LOC100129413 10q26.11 hypothetical LOC100129413
100129417 LOC100129417 10q24.31 hypothetical LOC100129417
100129427 LOC100129427 7p12.2 hypothetical protein LOC100129427
100129434 LOC100129434 2p16.1 hypothetical protein LOC100129434
100129436 LOC100129436 6q14.1 hypothetical LOC100129436
100129447 LOC100129447 12q24.13 hypothetical protein LOC100129447
100129453 LOC100129453 5q35.3 hypothetical protein LOC100129453
100129461 LOC100129461 6p25.1 hypothetical protein LOC100129461
100129463 LOC100129463 7p15.2 hypothetical LOC100129463
100129465 LOC100129465 10p15.3 hypothetical LOC100129465
100129476 LOC100129476 1p36.31 hypothetical protein LOC100129476
100129478 LOC100129478 16p13.3 hypothetical LOC100129478
100129480 LOC100129480 3p25.1 similar to hCG2042446
100129488 LOC100129488 16p12.3 hypothetical protein LOC100129488
100129489 LOC100129489 9q33.1 similar to hCG28178
100129492 LOC100129492 1p34.1 hypothetical protein LOC100129492
100129500 LOC100129500 19q13.32 hypothetical LOC100129500
100129502 LOC100129502 15q26.1 hypothetical protein LOC100129502
100129509 LOC100129509 12q13.13 hypothetical LOC100129509
100129510 LOC100129510 17q25.3 hypothetical protein LOC100129510
100129514 LOC100129514 7q34 hypothetical LOC100129514
100129515 LOC100129515 Xq26.3 hypothetical protein LOC100129515
100129518 LOC100129518 FLJ40076 6q25.3 similar to hCG2029803
100129520 LOC100129520 Xq25 similar to hCG2044193
100129527 LOC100129527 8q13.3 similar to ABT1-associated protein
100129531 LOC100129531 11p13 hypothetical LOC100129531
100129532 LOC100129532 12q24.33 hypothetical LOC100129532
100129538 LOC100129538 13q32.1 hypothetical LOC100129538
100129543 ZNF730 19p12 zinc finger protein 730
100129550 LOC100129550 3q21.1 hypothetical LOC100129550
100129551 LOC100129551 4q31.21 hypothetical LOC100129551
100129566 LOC100129566 5q13.3 hypothetical protein LOC100129566
100129571 LOC100129571 5q12.3 similar to hCG1646049
100129572 LOC100129572 4q31.23 hypothetical protein LOC100129572
100129583 FAM47E FLJ34958 4q21.1 family with sequence similarity 47, member E
100129585 LOC100129585 Xq11.2 similar to hCG2011544
100129588 UNQ3029 LOC100129588 2p23.1 VLCS3029
100129596 LOC100129596 8q24.3 hypothetical protein LOC100129596
100129597 LOC100129597 13q14.2 hypothetical LOC100129597
100129603 tcag7.935 LOC100129603 7p22.2 hypothetical protein LOC100129603
100129617 LOC100129617 16q23.2 hypothetical protein LOC100129617
100129619 LOC100129619 7p13 hypothetical LOC100129619
100129620 LOC100129620 1p21.3 similar to hCG2028334
100129623 LOC100129623 4p16.1 hypothetical LOC100129623
100129626 LOC100129626 6p25.2 similar to translocase of outer mitochondrial membrane 5 homolog
100129630 LOC100129630 5p12 hypothetical LOC100129630
100129633 LOC100129633 9q32 similar to hCG1651427
100129636 LOC100129636 6p22.1 hypothetical LOC100129636
100129637 LOC100129637 FLJ00104, FLJ35576, FLJ45755 16q24.2 hypothetical LOC100129637
100129652 LOC100129652 6q25.3 hypothetical protein LOC100129652
100129654 LOC100129654 8q13.1 similar to transcription factor 23
100129656 LOC100129656 1q44 hypothetical LOC100129656
100129669 C9orf134 bA20A20.1 9p21.3 chromosome 9 open reading frame 134
100129676 LOC100129676 17p11.2 hypothetical protein LOC100129676
100129677 LOC100129677 17p13.1 hypothetical protein LOC100129677
100129681 LOC100129681 19p13.11 NPC-A-7
100129697 LOC100129697 16q24.3 hypothetical protein LOC100129697
100129699 LOC100129699 10q26.12 similar to hCG2023449
100129700 LOC100129700 Xq22.3 similar to hCG1805148
100129702 LOC100129702 Xq22.2 similar to RAB40A, member RAS oncogene family
100129703 NAG20 7q33 NAG20
100129710 MST131 8p12 MSTP131
100129711 LOC100129711 6q15 similar to mCG1050952
100129716 LOC100129716 5q14.3 hypothetical LOC100129716
100129717 LOC100129717 8p21.2 hypothetical protein LOC100129717
100129720 LOC100129720 3q25.1 hypothetical LOC100129720
100129721 LOC100129721 10q21.1 hypothetical protein LOC100129721
100129726 LOC100129726 MGC40574 2p21 hypothetical LOC100129726
100129733 LOC100129733 6q22.31 hypothetical LOC100129733
100129744 LOC100129744 13q21.1 hypothetical LOC100129744
100129763 LOC100129763 4p16.1 hypothetical protein LOC100129763
100129773 LOC100129773 18p11.22 hypothetical LOC100129773
100129775 LOC100129775 11q13.5 hypothetical protein LOC100129775
100129778 LOC100129778 11q24.2 hypothetical LOC100129778
100129781 LOC100129781 16p13.12 hypothetical protein LOC100129781
100129785 LOC100129785 9q34.11 hypothetical protein LOC100129785
100129786 LOC100129786 4p16.2 similar to hCG2040453
100129791 LOC100129791 p40 5p12 hypothetical protein LOC100129791
100129792 CCDC152 5p12 coiled-coil domain containing 152
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